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General Information

This exhibition and sale is open to all artists 18 years or older. Artwork may be Photography & Digital Art, Painting & Drawing, or Sculpture & Ceramics. Each applicant may submit two pieces of work for an entry fee of $35. The entry fee is non-refundable.


Awards & Categories


  • Best in Show (selected overall)
  • First (in each category)
  • Second (in each category)
  • Third (in each category)
  • Honorable Mention (in each category)


  • Painting – Drawing
  • Sculpture – Ceramics
  • Photography – Digital Art


Work must…

  • fit into acceptable categories.
  • have been produced in the last three years.
  • not have been previously entered into this competition.

Entry Requirements

  • Entry fee and application form must be submitted prior to May 13th.
  • All entries must include digital images of artwork for identification, assessment, and marketing purposes.
  • Digital images are due before entry will be accepted.
  • Do not photograph images under glass or in frames.
  • Images may be uploaded to our website or delivered to our office on CD or flash drive.

Artwork Specifications

  • 2D work cannot exceed 50’’ in width or height
  • 2D work must be framed and wired for hanging.
  • 3D work must have solid base and be accompanied by a sturdy pedestal.

We will not accept…

  • fragile work.
  • work requiring special lighting or installation.
  • work that is too large or heavy.
  • work that is too difficult to hang.

Sales & Reproduction

A price needs to be provided for all artwork. If not for sale, please indicate NFS with a value estimate.Prices should include a 15% commission for AAAC.

AAAC reserves the right to reproduce artwork and/or utilize submitted digital images for promotional purposes.


AAAC assumes no liability for damaged or stolen artwork. All reasonable care will be exercised in the handling and exhibition of work.

Important Dates

Online Registration

Instructions: The following form is the required registration form and digital programming/online exhibition information.

1Artist Information
2Submit Artwork
3Digital Programming
4Entry Fee Payment
  • Artist Information