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Check out our 2024 class schedule with instructor Michelle Oaks

Tango Dance Classes

January 22 – February 26

Experience the sophistication of American Style Tango—a captivating ballroom dance known for its elegant movements, intricate patterns, and dramatic flair. Join us to discover the artistry, passion, and finesse of this enchanting dance form in our American Style Tango Dance Classes.

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Rhumba Dance Classes

March 25 – April 29

Surrender to the rhythmic charm of Rhumba dance—a sensual, Latin-inspired dance celebrated for its smooth moves, intimate connection, and captivating expressions. Join us to explore the beauty, passion, and sophistication of this timeless dance in our Rhumba Dance Classes.

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Waltz Dance Classes

June 3 – July 8

Embrace the timeless grace of Waltz dance—a classic, elegant ballroom dance known for its flowing movements, refined connection, and enchanting atmosphere. Join us to uncover the beauty, romance, and sophistication of this revered dance form in our Waltz Dance Classes.

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Swing Dance Classes

August 12 – September 16

Get ready to swing and sway with the infectious energy of Swing dance—a lively, upbeat dance style celebrated for its playful moves, joyful connection, and toe-tapping rhythms. Join us for an adventure into the world of Swing, where fun and connection take center stage in our Swing Dance Classes.

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Salsa Dance Classes

October 21 – November 25

Dive into the vibrant world of Salsa dance—an energetic, Latin-inspired dance known for its lively footwork, sizzling partner dynamics, and infectious beats. Join us to discover the excitement, passion, and rhythm of this exhilarating dance form in our Salsa Dance Classes.

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