About AAAC

Who We Are

The primary function of the Albany Area Arts Council has always been to work collaboratively with other local arts and cultural organizations, most primarily our Member Organizations which include Albany Civil Rights Institute, Albany Museum of Art, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Artists Guild of Albany, The Albany Chorale, Theatre Albany, Thronateeska Heritage Center, Albany State University, and Dougherty County School System.

The AAAC is essential to arts development and education within the community, consistently collaborating with other arts and culture agencies. The AAAC provides regular meeting space for assorted groups including the Georgia Artists Guild of Albany; arts, crafts and educational workshops; and college art classes.

One of the ways the AAAC supports local culture is through historic preservation. Since 1991, the AAAC has served as steward to the beautiful, historic Carnegie Library for the City of Albany. The AAAC sponsors the arts by utilizing this beautiful facility as an art gallery for local and regional artists. We encourage community engagement by offering opening receptions for each exhibition; the openings and exhibitions are always free and open to the public. The exhibitions attract a diverse audience from all parts of Albany and many surrounding communities. Because of the Carnegie’s central location, these events also help promote the revitalization of downtown Albany through the development of an arts district.

Our Mission

The mission of the Albany Area Arts Council is to encourage, sponsor, and support arts and culture in our community through both our member organizations and direct programming. The AAAC has served Albany in this capacity since 1976 and exists to enhance individual life, promote diversity and a sense of community, and drive economic growth through the arts.

Board Members

  • Bill Swan – President
  • Wendy Howell – Vice President
  • Kayanne Blackwell – Board Treasurer
  • Jenny Collins – Board Member
  • Smith Wilson – Past President
  • Timothy Brock – Board Member
  • Reedi Hawkins – Board Member
  • Rachel Mansfield – Board Member
  • Sandy Peacock – Board Member
  • Sarah Shatz – Board Member
  • Jim Ligon – Board Member
  • Will Davis – Board Member
  • Anthony Johnson – Board Member
  • Haley Hardin West – Board Member

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