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Georgia Artists Guild of Albany

Fall Sales Exhibition

About the Exhibition

The Georgia Artists’ Guild of Albany is a community of local artists dedicated to advancing the standards and awareness of visual arts in the Albany region and the state of Georgia. In light of so many income opportunities being taken away from local artists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arts Council is doing all that it can to extend viable exhibition opportunities to its member organizations like the Artists’ Guild. We are proud to announce our current exhibition featuring original artwork by members of the Guild with proceeds from any work sold being paid directly to the artist.

Artist Statements

Madye Carter

My greatest joy is when art and science come together. I am a life student of both.
These paintings are macro images of rocks, crystals, and minerals. When I magnify pictures of these treasures from earth, I can see the magic and energy they hold inside.

Carole Gum

Originally from North Carolina, Carole has made Albany her home. Many of her subjects that she selects are from scenes in her adopted South Georgia as well as her travels.

She enjoys painting in all mediums but her favorites are oils and watercolor.
Carole was a volunteer at the Sowega Council on Aging for 27 years as the instructor of the Shades of Gold Art class. There she taught the students painting in oils and Acrylic

Carole is the Education/Workshop Coordinator for the Georgia Artists’ Guild of Albany and in the past has held the position of President as well as Exhibiting Vice President. She is also a member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, Tallahassee Watercolor Society and Southern Watercolor Society.

Jennifer Herrick

I believe in the provocative, redemptive, healing, transformative power of art. I am grateful to have found ways to practice the courage and surrender it takes to create something tangible. My art-making is often experimental in nature, using the raw materials of sight, ideas, intention, mark-making, paint, prayer, and listening. The final piece will be a result of discovery that happens through the process. Whether I am pushing against personal or systemic boundaries, or just responding to inspiration from Nature or the invisible world, I am engaged in seeing in new ways. I create in mixed media, photography and painting. These paintings are abstract, but I also paint figuratively and symbolically.

Meg Tilley Anderson

“We gotta laugh. We swapped immortality for accessories.”

I figured this out as the South Georgia culture and red clay biome morphed my gold-smithing skills into saving old brick buildings and playing in the dirt for food and inspiration. I photograph texture and color, the woods at home, paint my imaginary world on embossed metal tiles, challenge, in my sculptures, a society that values possessions more than life itself.

Edward Newcomb

I was born and raised upon the waters of Albany, Georgia and I carry with me the landscapes, cityscapes, and local history of the south. First, I pursued an Associate Degree in art from Albany State University. Then transferred to UGA in 2018 where I took classes in Digital Media, Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. In May 2020 I received my BFA in ArtX which is a major focusing on non-medium based visual creativity. Over the last six years I have worked with artists and designers within art galleries and designer showrooms. In my work I prioritize community-based projects. I believe that “art is the intent of design.”

James Malphrus

A South Georgia native who spent a lifetime exploring wild places throughout the region paired with a woman whose wanderlust matches his own. Together, and with friends and family, they’ve engaged in a remarkable variety of adventures. As the adventures have grown, so too has the desire to share them with a wider audience. Selected tales are crafted into informative writings and complimented with colorful photographs in the hope that illustrating their appreciation for the wonders of nature and the thrill of adventure will inspire others to Discover, Explore, Create, and Share.

Ray Pierotti


I was born and  educated  into a multi-disciplinary milieu.  Public schooled in Utah; military service in Japan and Korea.  Mormon missionary work in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Undergraduate degree from La Sorbonne and the University of Utah.  Eventually a graduate degree from the University of Utah gave form to my intellectual and artistic development. Museums, concert halls, theaters, movies and side walk cafes gave shape to my spirit, emotions and imagination.  Skiing, tennis and manual labor kept me physically grounded.

The following quote from the Chinese Poet Loatzu, best describes my artistic mind set; “…Whether a man dispassionately sees to the core of life or passionately sees the surface, the core and the surface are essentially the same, words making them seem different only to express appearances. If name be needed, call it wonder.  From wonder into wonder existence opens.”

Jamie L.Towe

In this crazy busy world we live in, often we miss the simple beauty right in front of our noses —“we can’t see the forest for the trees”.

My style is quite eclectic. There is no rhyme or reason other than I paint what I like; challenging myself with “can I do it?”. Can I make the ordinary less ordinary? Often, I’m trying to recreate a moment in time from a photograph.  Other times, it’s leftover paint from my palette I don’t want to waste, placed on the canvas and allowed to evolve on its own. Many of the paintings start off with scripture written on the canvas as a foundational starting point.
What do I want my creations to do?

Cause a person to pause —take a moment to breathe—look past the obvious and see the ordinary blessings, without all the distractions of everyday life.

Bob Parker

I like to photograph the world, capturing and interpreting what it first seems ordinary, but is in fact a unique moment in time. What interests me is light, pattern, shapes and lines. The ordinary is never truly ordinary, as every changing moment brings a new experience, or a new way of looking and seeing.

The realism and intimacy of the work of Walker Evans, the freshness and clarity of the colors of Cezanne , the storytelling symbolism of Ingmar Bergman in the spirit of Fellini have all inspired me. While my work is drawn from the inspiration of these artists, the images captured through my wins are those ordinary moments that sparked my thoughts and imagination.

What is ordinary and to whom? By taking the time to look, I hope my viewers will see and appreciate that the simple things that can often go unnoticed are indeed extraordinary.

Chuck Ulm

“Why did you take a picture of that?”  That is a question I have been asked often over the course of a lifetime of making images.  My answer is always “Because I could.”  I make images of anything and everything from macro to scenic to astrophotography.  I try to make images that satisfy me.  Occasionally, I will make an image that is striking to others as well…”

Mary Sumners

Mary Sumners paints trees the same way she paints people—as relationships. The energy of the sum of the trees is more than each tree alone. The abstract quality of the paintings is to express joy and exuberance of nature. Mary Sumners graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Drawing & Painting. She accepts commissions of portraits to be done in the same style of color and composition conveying a meaningful and connected story.

Photo Gallery

Browse all of the artwork from the exhibition by scrolling through the gallery below. The photos are interactive; simply click on the artwork to learn more about that piece. All artwork is available for purchase by contacting the Arts Council or using the information provided in the accompanying artist statement.

Virtual Tour

In these unprecedented times, we are as committed as ever to bringing the Albany area quality arts programming while also keeping our community safe. The Arts Council is thrilled to announce the recent implementation of virtual tours, making our current exhibition viewable in its entirety without leaving home.

In-Person Tours

The gallery is available for the public to tour Monday through Thursday from 12pm to 4pm. Contact Nicole Willis at 229.439.ARTS (2787) or email [email protected] to schedule a tour outside those hours.