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Artist Statement

When I first discovered the art of transforming vintage maps into clothing, I was immediately captivated. Growing up in the 70s, the maps reminded me of the school room maps of my childhood.  The ones the teacher pulled down from the wall to teach us about our world at that time. Years later as a media specialist, I saw those same maps relegated to the school storage room, sitting dust ladened before completely disappearing. Maps connect us to our past and inspire our future, either as a childhood memory, favorite trip or future adventure. The art I create transforms maps from the past into nostalgic clothing hence connecting the human experience with the human form. The process is akin to sculpture as it is both tactile and precise.

A malleable medium, the vivid and engaging maps are molded and shaped into clothing representing the wearer’s habitat and identity. A beautiful, pastel map of Asia can be transformed into a child’s kimono or a vibrant map of Florida morphs into a retro swimsuit. Each piece tells the story of a place, time, or memory in the form of clothing. To be clear, no actual vintage maps were harmed in the making of my art!  The maps I use are reproductions, primarily sourced from small, independently owned specialty paper stores from the United States and abroad or locally printed from map images in the public domain. Part of the enjoyment of my craft is searching for maps to reimagine and create into an intimate piece of art.

About the Artist

Marie lives in Albany and is retired from the Dougherty County School System. She has a BFA from the University of Georgia, an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Valdosta State University and an Ed.S in Education Leadership from Albany State University. Marie rediscovered her interest in art during the pandemic and began experimenting with the art of transforming maps into three dimensional clothing. Since then, her work has been exhibited at the 21st Annual Southwest Georgia Regional Art Exhibit and Sale, and South Works National Juried Art Exhibition. Marie is married to John Salter and has a son, James (Celeste) and two, precious granddaughters, Fran and Dollie.

Virtual Tour

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Exhibition Artwork

Browse all of the artwork from the exhibition by scrolling through the gallery below. Artwork may be available for purchase, contact the Arts Council for more information.